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Sunday, June 13, 2010
[i-weekly interview translation] Michelle Yim: 'I will still smile even if I'm alone.'

Source: I Weekly Magazine
Translation credits: kansteff @ http://www.wuxiasociety.org

There were no tears at the lowest point in her life-the death of her boyfriend. She smiled in the face of public, that is a perfect illustration of a woman's strength.

The rate of change is so rapid, one can hardly take a breather. Fortunately, television seem to halt the progress of time. Family dramas are still in vogue, Lisa Wang is still TVB's No. 1, and that 1976's 'Legend of the Condor Heroes' Michelle Yim, can still portray a two pigtailed young girl in 'The Season of Fate'.

At Singapore's Star Awards, Michelle gave away the Best Actress prize to Chen Li Ping, who had co-starred in Michelle's 'Legend of a Beauty' 19 years ago. A 44 year old Chen has grown plumper whereas Michelle seems to defy age.

Nevertheless, white hairs will appear eventually but that will not stop Michelle from smiling.

Most knew Michelle had enrolled as an artiste at the age 14 to bring in income for her family, but a smiling Michelle insisted she had joined purely out of her acting interest. Again when others claimed Michelle was overworking herself in both Chinese and Hong Kong dramas to sustain her sisters' family planning and the high medical expenses incurred by the boyfriend's illness, Michelle dismissed the claims with her smile again. She claimed she's just a workaholic.

With her boyfriend's subsequent death, the inner strength is overt through her smile again.

'My strength is not fake, there is no need to succumb to a show of weakness'.

For one, especially a woman, inner strength is a very important element in life.
Michelle's inner strength makes her human, not her legendary ageless beauty.

Reporter ®: The death of your boyfriend did not stop you from attending public events or starring in drama series, why didn't you take a rest instead?

Michelle (M): I had taken on those jobs long before it happened. I can't curb all activities because of my personal problem. When a depressing event happens, it is easy for one to sink to the lowest point in life but the best way to cope with it is to resume your daily activities. I love my work, because I am doing what I love, besides acting, I can also enrich the lives of viewers. It is a good way to forget one's sorrow. I am fine, thank you for everyone's concern.

R: How is your health?

M: No problem at all. There is balance in my life, I sleep adequately, eat balance meals and I exercise. I use OTO's e-Lux back massage tool as well when I'm tired, it helps to regulate the blood flow as well and that makes me relax.

R: In the face of adversities, your smile doesn't leave you and we don't see any other emotions on your face...many people admire your strength.

M: I rather give others joy than sadness. There are ups and downs in life, there is no need for people who know or do not know you to be affected by my emotions. One must especially smile in adversities.

R: Is your inner strength, born or nurtured?

M: I'm an optimist by nature, I am not temperamental. My inner strength is nurtured by life circumstances. In the past our living condition isn't as good as now but we get use to the surroundings and dealt with them with perseverance. A young eldest child had to take care of the younger siblings and teach them to be good people. At that era, instinct to survive was so strong, we could deal with life's hardship.

To be determined isn't that difficult. Life isn't an ever smooth ride, I think of the good when times are bad, it is futile to escape serious problems so I think of ways to deal with them as quickly as I can. With the proper mindset and experience, one's mood will not be easily affected when problems arise.

R: Surely there isn't a need to push yourself to be strong, always. Don't you feel that it is tough to be so?

M: Not at all. For example if I'm used to daily chores, when it's time for Spring Cleaning, I will not be slogging. If one doesn't do daily chores, it's labourous and painful to do Spring Cleaning. Whatever you are used to, it becomes a part of you. It's not a matter of toughness.

R: What's your principle?

M: Determination, don't give up halfway. Even if I'm making a dessert or baking a cake, I'll complete the job. When you persevere, it becomes a habit. I believe in upgrading myself as well for times are changing, I need to adapt to live on. One should not rest on one's laurels or keep recalling past glories or else one will become expendable.

I often tell others, a child learns as he grows, why should adults stop learning? There was once when I went for volunteering work at an old folks' home, there was this old lady who was learning the harmonica. She put in effort, her tune was good, so if one's willing to put in effort, there's nothing impossible.

R: Looking back over this 35 years on the highs and lows in your career, what do you feel?

M: I don't segment my career into parts, today I might have taken the Best Actress award, I'm still me. It is just that I take on more interviews or commercials. New artistes are emerging every time, I will not be in every drama serial nor be the main character, as long as the script is good and room to flex the acting skills, the viewers will still see me. When I have free time, I take time to upgrade myself or volunteer at old folks' home where I cut the elders' hair. Many a times, it all depends on if you are willing to let go of something.

R: At present, what are you pursuing in life?

M: Enjoy and experience life itself. I'm grateful that my career is stable and though my savings aren't that much, it is adequate to sustain my life. You can't be happy everyday and need to accept the unhappy times, and the latter reminds us to treasure the good times.

|7:31 PM|