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Wednesday, May 26, 2010
[i-weekly Interview] 一个人的我依然会微笑

(Click to view the larger scan)

i-weekly issue 656, dated 27/05/2010

Credits to: TRACEY from www.michelleclan.com


|6:30 PM|

Michelle's new project

Michelle is currently in China's Hangzhou filming a period drama named 新萍踪侠影录 (Chronicles of the Swordsman 2010) with her on-screen partner, Damian Lau. She will be acting as 叶盈盈 (Ye Ying Ying) the teacher of the female lead, while Damian Lau as 谢天华 (Xie Tian Hua), the teacher of the male lead.

Other casts include 董洁, 潘粤明,刘思彤,郑晓东,何彦霓

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|12:56 AM|

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Real Estate Event at Prince Edward



|12:26 AM|

15.05.2010 Real Estate Event at Prince Edward

Credits: Various News Sources

|12:25 AM|

Book Release of Guizhou's Children in Poverty

Link: http://www.30fen.com/michelle-yim-signature.html

In this video, she related her encounter with the needy children, and their strong determination of travelling to school to receive education.

At the very last part of the interview, she talked about her upcoming project. She will be flying over to China soon to film a swordsfighting drama, and her co-partner is Damian Lau. It's rather amusing for her to address Damian as 刘松仁哥哥 (Lau Chung Yan Gor Gor). =)

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|12:06 AM|

10.05.2010 Book Release of Guizhou's Children in Poverty.

Credits: Various News Sources

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|12:05 AM|