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Welcome to Michelle Yim's blog. This is a fan-made blog which contains the latest news about our beloved Michelle. Michelle is the most beautiful actress in the world. This blog is specially created for all of Michelle's fans out there. Remember to stop by every now and then to keep up to date on the latest news.

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Monday, November 30, 2009
Michelle treats cast to dinner

Date: 24/11/2009

The cast of (Beyond the Realm of Conscience) have been having dinner to celebrate the high viewer ratings of the series lately. Yesterday evening it was Michelle Yim's turn to invite the cast and staff for dinner. She booked 8 dinner tables. Cast members that attended included Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Susan Tse, Susanna Kwan etc. Tavia Yeung and Kevin Cheng couldn't attend. Also Charmaine had to leave for work just before the dinner started.

Due to the series having too many cast and behind the scene staff, Charmaine plans to collaborate with Tavia, Moses and Kevin to invite everyone for dinner. As for Tavia being reported driving through red lights and losing points on her licence, Charmaine feels that the paparazzi's were too much. She warns people to be aware of them. She said "If Tavia really did lose 5 points on her licence then that's too much. I was banned from driving earlier but since then I have been more aware about driving safely". She joked and said "Earlier Tavia went to Japan, now it's time for her to be followed by the paparazzi's. I had too many incidents with them before".

Susanna Kwan isn't worried about Ratings
In addition, a magazine had revealed the ending of (Beyond). Michelle Yim and Susanna Kwan both aren't worried that it will affect the viewer ratings. Susanna feels that when the viewer has read the ending they will surely watch to see if the ending is as it states. However she has no confidence that the ending will break "Jewel in the Palace" record. This is because the series only has 30 episodes, but she is confident that it will have average ratings of 40 points.

Translated by matchbox @ http://www.illusive-serenity.co.cc/

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Saturday, November 28, 2009
Pretty Pictures of Michelle

Date: 27/11/2009
Credit: Singtao Newspaper

|12:11 AM|

Thursday, November 26, 2009
25/11/2009 Apple Daily

Michelle was in an article in Apple Daily Newspapers for treating the cast to dinner.

Credits: Apple Daily

|10:04 PM|

Michelle treats the cast of Beyond The Realm of Conscience to dinner

Date: 23/11/2009

The loveable Chung Suet Ha and Bo Gong Gong....

The producer that brought us this enjoyable show

Our beautiful lady in pink, the one and only Michelle!

Credit: Various News Sources


|9:54 PM|

Friday, November 20, 2009
TVB 42nd Anniversary Gala 2009

Date: 19/11/2009
Event: TVB 42nd Anniversary Gala
Location: TVB

Credits: Various News Sources


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Sunday, November 15, 2009
Michelle Yim representing Hong Kong for "Asia TV Queen" award

The 14th Asian Television Awards ceremony, organized by Television Asia Plus will be held in Singapore on 3rd December. The nomination list was announced a few days ago. Michelle Yim who played her role as Auntie Hung (Hung Yee) in "Moonlight Resonance" has been nominated to compete with Singapore's Fann Wong and Koo Hye Sun (Boys over flowers) for the "Best Actress Award". Michelle is the only artist representing Hong Kong for that category. Kenneth Ma in his role in "Man In Charge" is also nominated for the "Best Comedian Award". "Off Pedder" episode 7 has been nominated for the "Best Comedy Award" too. The interview with Edison Chan with CNN in "Talk Asia" is nominated for the "Best Talk show".

Apart from the Hong Kong program, the nomination list includes Korean familiar faces. Li Min-Ho from "Boys over flowers" and Jin Ming Min from "Beethoven Virus" are fighting for the 'Best Actor Award". The program of "Hip Korea" in The Discovery Channel reporting Rain's debut episode was nominated for the "Best Musical", "Best Entertainment", "Best Director" and "Cross Platform4" awards.

Translator: Hokkien128 @ http://www.asianvn.com

|11:00 PM|

Thursday, November 12, 2009
TVB 42nd Anniversary Awards Nominations

Best Supporting Actress Nominees

Michelle Yim "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"
Susanna Kwan "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"
Mary Hon "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"
Susan Tse "Rosy Business"
Kara Hui "Rosy Business"
Kiki Sheung "Rosy Business"
Nancy Wu "Rosy Business"
Angela Tong "In the Chamber of Bliss"
Linda Chung "The Gem of Life"
Aimee Chan "Burning Flame III"
Selena Li "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"
Fala Chen "The Stew of Life"
Christine Ng "The Stew of Life"
Joyce Tang "Just Love II"
Elanne Kong "E.U."

|9:50 PM|

I weekly: Most favourite TVB artiste

To all Singapore fans:

Vote for Michelle in the Fave Actress section and also for Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Credits: tracey

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Michelle Yim finds time to visit boyfriend Wan Lo everyday

Michelle Yim accepted an interview with Char Siu Yan at the radio station yesterday. She was very optimistic that Sheren would get the TV queen award by saying "It's been a while since "Rosy Business" was broadcast, but the audience still remember the plot. Therefore, I have every confidence that Sheren would win the title. However, I also like Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung." Apart from the working on the series, Michelle is also an active voluntary worker. She disclosed "A year ago, I have agreed to so some voluntary work for World Vision Canada. I was working on a series in September and had requested 10 days leave from the director. I was fortunate to get that time off work." Talking about her boyfriend Wan Chi Keung's (Wan Lo) health, Michelle said he is in a stable condition at the moment, "I find time to visit him every day. He also has his family and a maid to look after him."

Translator:Hokkien128 @ Http://www.asianvn.com

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