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Sunday, May 17, 2009
Update on michelle's latest news and events

Lately Michelle has been busy filming Beyond the Realm of Conscience the filming will end shortly and after that michelle will start filming anothre tvb show 五味人生 (not sure what is the english name is yet, haha my guess it could be flavors of life maybe?) Michelle already started to try on outfits and clothings as well as hair styles for this show and most likely received and went over the script. this show is said to be a comedy that sets time during possible the 20's or 30's (same time setting as Laugh in the Sleeves, one of michelles film with damian lau in 1987 ). Other casts includes Esther Kwan, 郭晉安、郭政鴻、伍衛國 (plz forgive that i do not know their english names).

picture from the costume fitting:

Side note: because of the hair accesories and the head set used in beyond the realm of conscience, the weight of the head sets caused michelle to have a minor injury on the neck. She went to se the doctor and said to recover, she needs to do physical therapy. Luckily the filming should be don shortly and michelle dont have wear the heavy head set anymore.

Here i give my best wishes to michelle and hope she will get well soon.

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