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Thursday, November 27, 2008
TVB Calendar 2009

The Calendar is out and our beloved Michelle is featured in the month of February.....

|9:00 PM|

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pictures of Michelle at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2008

Congratulations to Michelle!!! Queen of 2008!!! Well and truly deserved!!!!

Credits to various new sources

|11:37 AM|

Michelle Yim and Ha Yu became the TV King and Queen

Ha Yu and Michelle Yim became the TV King and Queen, Moonlight Resonance sweeping six awards becomes the Big Winner

Each won his/her own award, Everyone is happy

Since TVB Anniversary Award is a closed-door arrangement of awards giving by TVB, naturally straightforward factors like ratings and audiences’ satisfaction will be in consideration. Therefore, Moonlight Resonance’s big win is only natural. The only consideration is on how to give off the different awards.

Unlike in the past where the fiery competition is on the TV Queen, this year competition is most fiery on TV King, namely Ha Yu and Raymond Lam these two father and son. Early in last year TVB Anniversary, Ha Yu lost to his onscreen son Moses Chan. This year, he got into the nomination with Jo Bao which is a meatier role than before. He should be wanting to get it no matter what. As for Raymond Lam, before Moonlight Resonance started filming, he has already expressed that he is aiming for TV King. Actually, the character “Goon Ga Jai” is also very likable. It’s only unfortunate that a character which is too perfect has less room for cultivation. In contrast, the role of Ha Yu this time is much more lively, there are laughter and tears, the character changing from bad to good also earn audiences’ approval. Him winning the TV King award is also consistent with audiences’ wish. Of course TVB will not just let the popular Raymond Lam sat coldly. The Most Popular Award and The Most Favourite Male Character Award are enough to make up everything. The legend of youngest TV King is forced to delay for a while.

Last year, after Lee Sze Kei and Moses Chan won Best Actress and Actors by Heart of Greed, Ha Yu and Michelle Yim won the title of TV King and TV Queen by the same series. Michelle Yim also acted in Heart of Greed last year, but was limited by the character. This year she initiatively asked to act as villain. It turned out really successful, winning the title of TV Queen. To Michelle Yim, perhaps this award is more of mental motivation, here also hopes Michelle Yim’s boyfriend will recover soon and the two lovers be reunited.

Tavia Yeung, who is nominated in two categories, Best Supporting Actress and Most Improved Actress, finally won the Best Supporting Actress title with Moonlight Resonance’s “Get Girl” as wished. Tavia Yeung, who has been working hard in TVB for many years, has not been heavily promoted by TVB in recent years. Winning the Best Supporting Actress this time maybe a new turning point, like in the 2009 Sales Presentation clip, Tavia Yeung and Charmaine Sheh will act in Hong Kong’s version of Dai O together. Perhaps this will let Tavia Yeung’s road in TVB be smoother.

The Middle Generation is cut off, The Old Ones emerge

Seeing the nomination list this year, the veterans domination has demonstrated that the problem of the absence of middle generation is quite severe. The types of power like Louis Koo, Jessica Hsuan, Maggie Cheung are in short supply. The new generation who has acting skill like Tavia Yeung, Leila Tong, and Sammul Chan were not heavily promoted. In order to raise the ratings, the drama series have to rely on the veterans. This year, a lot of veterans came back to TVB, such as Idy Chan, Anita Yuen, Lee Heung Kam, Margie Tsang. It’s not because audiences are loyal to the past, but it’s because the veterans’ acting skill are great and the audiences reckoned so. In order to heavily promote their own young actors and young actresses, TVB is forced to invite a group of veterans to come to TVB, to lead the young actors and actresses into the acting. Who knows that the limelight is stolen by the veteran? It’s right that the newbies need assistance, but the ones who should be most appreciated is the middle generation, such as Derek Kwok who is exceptionally outstanding this year, Wayne Lai who won the Best Supporting Actor Award, Johnson Lee who was nominated in Most Improved Actor, and Kenneth Ma who is nominated in Most Favourite Male Character, etc. These are all talents that can be used. Besides, after being scrubbed by time, their acting have become mature. What is needed is a fair stage, a good series. TVB is never short of stars, what is in shortage is opportunity.

Award Winner List was leaked, the impartiality is questioned

The Award Winner List earlier leaked to Hong Kong’s media was consistent with the real winner list. This has also made people raise suspicion again on TVB’s making up the Award Winner list. However, luckily Moonlight Resonance has broken the rating record. Its peak rating of 50 points has draw with the Jewel of Korean Palace in the past. It can be said to have achieve some glory for the Hong Kong Drama Series Industry. Moonlight Resonance’s big win is also as audiences predicted. As for the final Award Winner list, after all it is just TVB’s game of sharing the awards. The player found excitement in it. As audiences, as long as we can watch quality drama series, we will be satisfied.

Source: http://www.022net.com/2008/11-16/422748263229971.html
Translated by: Akazukin @ http://asianfanatics.net

|11:33 AM|

Michelle Yim and Wan Chi Keung : no wedding plan yet

Monday November 17, 2008 Hong Kong

Michelle Yim was holding back hers tears when receiving her "Best Actress Award" at the 41 TVB Anniversary Award Presentation on Saturday. In her speech, she thanked her family and friends and in particular the support from her boyfriend Wan Chi Keung (Wan Lo). After the ceremony, she went straight to Shatin Prince of Wales Hospital to tell him the good news at 2am. Michelle and Wan Lo have been together for 24 years. Everybody has been waiting to hear their wedding bell. But there was no report about them getting married yet.

"Moonlight Resonance" has scooped 6 awards in all. When "Queen" Michelle left TVB city, the paparazzi were behind her in 8 cars. Michelle picked up a few fans who had arrived from the mainland in her car. They had a champagne celebration in a cafe restaurant in Tseung Kwan O. She stayed there for about an hour receiving all the best wishes from all the restaurant customers. Michelle was so generous she even paid for all the reporters bills there. Asked if she had told Wan Lo about her award, Michelle said he has been watching the TV all along.

It was about 2 am when Michelle arrived at Shatin's Prince of Wales Hospital. She bought some food in the hospital for the staffs there. Reporter asked if she had brought her winning trophy along to show him? Michelle said the trophy is in the company. Even though she had brought it in she could only show the hospital staffs because she was not sure if Wan Lo had gone to asleep or not. Michelle stayed there for about 45 minutes, she appeared very happy when she left the hospital. "Wan Lo is sleeping now, he and the hospital staffs had congratulated me for winning the award. We just had a chat and I don't want to talk too long because he needs to rest." Michelle was asked if they were discussing about their wedding plan and whether Wan Lo had proposed to her? Michelle laughed " Not quite yet, not in so much details either. We were just chatting." Michelle said Wan Lo was looking good. She went back to her apartment after visiting him.


|11:25 AM|

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Congratulations to Michelle on winning Best Actress of 2008!

She is officially our queen of 2008!

Congrats! You really deserve it!!!!

*more pics later.....

Credits: michelleclan.com

|12:53 AM|

Thursday, November 13, 2008
100 TVB Artistes Vote For Their Best Actor/Best Actress For 2008

Apple Daily Newspaper recently conducted a survey among 100 randomly selected TVB artistes as to who was their favourite to win best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, most improved male artist and most improved female artist at the 2008 TVB Anniversary Awards which will be held on the 15th of November. Artistes surveyed included Eric Tsang, Louise Lee, Bowie Lam, Susanna Kwan, Roger Kwok, Gigi Lai, Moses Chan, Nancy Sit, Raymond Lam and many many more.... the results are as follows....

'Best Actress Award'
1. Michelle Yim - 42 Votes
2. Louise Lee - 28 Votes
3. Susanna Kwan - 9 Votes
4. Liza Wang - 9 Votes
5. Others - 12 Votes

Source: Apple Daily and SimplyFungYi
credits: sandalls @ asianfanatics

|8:36 PM|

Friday, November 7, 2008
China Fashion Awards in Shanghai

China's Annual Fashion Awards pay tribute to trend setters over the thirty years of the country's opening and reform policy. The awards were given to outstanding figures of film, pop music and sports. The ceremony took place in Shanghai, Saturday.

China's Annual Fashion Awards pay tribute to trend setters over the thirty years of the country's opening and reform policy.

Over eighty luminaries were awarded trophies at the China Fashion Awards. The recipients are considered trend setters over the past year and over the past three decades.

Veteran actress Qin Yi was honoured for her charity work in the devastated areas of Sichuan following last May's earthquake. Hongkong actor Michael Miu Kiu Wai and actress Catherina Yim (Michelle), were named as classic screen stars for their roles as hero and heroine on television.

Credits: nastyhobbit@AsianFanatics

|4:12 PM|