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Welcome to Michelle Yim's blog. This is a fan-made blog which contains the latest news about our beloved Michelle. Michelle is the most beautiful actress in the world. This blog is specially created for all of Michelle's fans out there. Remember to stop by every now and then to keep up to date on the latest news.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008
Michelle is confident in winning Best Actress Award

The recent hot topic is about Best Actor/Actress Awards, and Michelle is confident of winning and getting the award.

Credits: http://www.michelleclan.com/

|11:30 AM|

Friday, October 17, 2008
Pictures from costume fitting of 劉三好

Credits to waiwai@michelleclan

|6:51 PM|

News on New Series

Charmaine Sheh, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim, Fala Chen and Moses Chan etc were filming for the TVB sales Presentation for new Ancient series "Third Sister Liu". Despite it was the Autumn season the weather was still hot and sunny. When Charmaine Sheh didn't need to film scenes she immediately used a umbrella to block the sun. It was also reported that Charmaine Sheh's rumoured boyfriend Kevin Cheng will also participate in the series. But Kevin did not appear yesterday, sources revealed he only filmed in the studio today.

The TVB Sales Presentations is mainly filmed for Advertising companies so that they can book advertising slots. But in the end many of the presentation series filmed might not be made. However, Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Michelle Yim and Susanna Kwan all hope that this series will be successfully filmed in the future. Especially Susanna as she has never filmed an ancient series before. She felt it was very fresh and the ancient costume was very beautiful. In addition many of the cast were from (Moonlight Resonance). If the series is officially filmed it will take place at the end of next year. Michelle Yim will once again play the villain.

(Third Sister Liu) is mainly based on a topic about women. The storyline talks about fighting for powers in the palace. Moses Chan plays the role of the Emperor, Charmaine Sheh as Third Sister Liu and will start off as a palace servant and become the Chief of the Royal kitchen. Charmaine indicated she hopes the series will be successfully filmed. The best thing would be to use the same cast as yesterday because she wants to work with Michelle Yim and Susanna Kwan. She believes it will be fresh and create new sparks. The reporter asked if Kevin Cheng will partcipate in the filming? She laughed and said she thinks so, but yesterday he wasn’t included in the filming. She also said she didn’t mind working with Kevin because she doesn’t care and cannot control it. They are both in the same company and they will work together sooner or later. The reporter suggested she could request not to work with Kevin. She laughed and said personally she didn’t have such power. The reporter asked if she was arranged to officially work with him in this series how would she feel? She replied saying she would listen to whatever arrangements the company has made for her.

Credits to Matchbox @ http://www.mediachamber.net/

|6:47 PM|

Michelle Yim says the reports are too Exaggerated

The TVB series (Moonlight Resonance) broke rating records and the cast had been celebrating non stop recently. Yesterday evening it was TVB executive Stephen Chan's turn to treat the cast for a feast in Tsim Sha Tsui and spent a 6 digit figure, treating over 80 members of the cast and behind the scenes staff. The cast Ha Yu, Raymond Lam, Moses Chan, Susanna Kwan, Louise Lee and Lee Heung Kam, plus Tavia Yeung were all present.

When Michelle Yim arrived at the scene she was pursued by reporters asking about her boyfriend Wan Chi Keung's condition. Michelle had just returned from Beijing and said she will not answer any questions relating to his health condition. She said the reports are too exaggerated because from the beginning to the end he was not diagnosed having cancer, it’s just after effects. She indicated that relatives and friends have been disturbed by the reports and she hopes the press will not continue to write those reports again. She said Wan Chi Keung only had a minor operation and it was normal to feel weak after the operation. She hopes everyone will give him space and thanked everyone’s concern. Currently Wan Chi Keung’s condition is good. She said he will soon be discharged from the hospital and it was not how the reports clarified as in having emergency treatment which was exaggerated. When she read the report she was shocked. She admits that he cannot eat just yet as the operation had just been done. But she only revealed it was a minor operation for after effects.

Credits: to Matchbox @ http://www.mediachamber.net/

|6:44 PM|

Michelle: Yin Guy will be fine

Michelle Yim's partner Wan Chi-keung (Yin guy)was admitted to hospital the other day. There were rumors that his cancer had deteriorated. He had emergency treatment for three days and he is now in a stable condition. As he is still very weak and unable to eat, he has an intravenous drip and he is being fed through a tube.

Michelle Yim has just returned to Hong Kong from Beijing. She denied Yin Guy's cancer has reoccurred. "It was only the side effects. He had a minor operation and he is resting at the moment. He is going to be fine." Michelle reckoned Yin Guy would be out of hospital soon.


|5:56 PM|

Thursday, October 16, 2008
Michelle YouTubers


MichelleClan has just created a group in youtube, and it's specially dedicated to our one and only, Michelle. The name for that group is Michelle Yim Tubers. Welcome fans who are interested to join us! =)


|10:30 AM|

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Michelle Latest Creations

A little something i made....

|9:01 PM|

Saturday, October 11, 2008
Michelle's ad for award!!!!

Credits: waiwai@michelleclan

|11:34 PM|

Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Special Video

|9:55 PM|

Thursday, October 2, 2008
TVB Lighting Ceremony

TVB held a lighting ceremony for their 41st anniversary and Michelle was there as she is nominated for an award!!! She is so gorgeous in her pink gown! Go Michelle! we all believe you deserve the award this year!

Credits to Tracey for the pictures

|1:12 AM|

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Michelle nominated for Best Actress!!!!

I really loved Michelle's character in Moonlight Resonance and I hope that she will win this award!
Support Michelle!!!!

Credit: michelleclan.com

|12:27 AM|